but i haven’t seen you in foreverrrr.

I know it has been awhile! But in a week I will be home for a month so…there you go lol

shared December 09, 2012
dang thats lame. that’s a long time from now.

It’s a week…haha. I think you will survive without me for one more week. 

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Impressed! When are you coming back hommmemeeeee.

Next Monday. It will probably be later after five maybe because I have a final at one. 

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thanks! have fun in san diego without me! give john a hug for me.

Will do! You should go bother him while I am at school lol! 

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that would be awful! good luck in making it home on time!

thanks my dear! Have fun at the game without me! :P 

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damnit amanda. read mores require a lot of effort. i do not know the answer to your question. however, i know the worst time to drive through chicago is thursdays at 5.

I like read mores because then people who don’t care can just not see it.

But thanks Heather that is very helpful haha. I just am afraid I won’t make it home by three if I leave at like noon. 

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are you russian? cause that sounds like a russian english mistake. sid best. after me. -geno

I thought the same thing after I wrote it. I was like hold the phone…I sound like Geno or something. 

I really just want it to be like 3 on Wednesday so I can be away from school and done with this research presentation. 

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monpetitchouchou13 replied to your post: 

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he’s not a sex god

To each their own I guess. Although I can’t really think of Ben as sexy. But he is just dfghjkdfgh I don’t even know. 

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just like he will be.


shared November 25, 2012
you totally set it up though.

I know I did. I was asking for it! 

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i can teach him how to play all kinds of games ;)

oh…my…gosh! I saw that coming too. I am just shaking my head at you. 

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poor kruger has no idea whats going on. he needs a girlfriend(me) to help him out.

Yes he definitley needs you to help him! :) 

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