"Hufflepuffs are known to have good friends in Slytherin. Hufflepuffs are some of the few who won’t judge based on negative rumours. This means they’re the most likely to approach Slytherins and help them when in need. This makes amazingly loyal friends between the houses. Mess with a Hufflepuff, and you’ll likely find a Slytherin getting revenge for the more forgiving house."


it’s true doe


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James Neal by Seth L. Williams 

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June 2, 2013: A team of protective assholes protecting each other (◡‿◡✿) (x

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I am throughly enjoying the pic (third row, middle) where I’m pretty sure Landeskog is being a giant dork and Krugs is so done with his shit. 

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our extremely awkward first line standing to the side during the couple photos

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Corey Crawford was very animated at this weekend’s Blackhawks Convention.

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